Welfare State

A welfare state is a country where citizens have a certain level security, and where the government plays a role in the protection and promotion of economic and social equality and well-being. The welfare state, according to some, has some major negative side-effects, while we all can agree on the fact that are positive sides, like security, wealth and free education and healthcare.

A lot of people argue that the welfare system has created an entire generation of people with a lazy and laid-back attitude towards work, they have the security net that is the welfare system. People grow more dependent on the state and the government as a whole and this restricts them in finding actual work, because they simple do not see the need too this.

I am not saying that welfare is a bad or in generally negative thing, but it needs to be incredibly watched and controlled so it won’t be abused by a citizen which has the possibility to work and the only reason for not working is not wanting too.


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