Tourism and its perks

Tourism is a market which a huge number of aspects, and profits in every aspect are huge. I however have some severe opinions about tourist in the countries, cities or place a visit.

Tourism is a good thing, many cities, people and companies earn their living with the sale of product and services to tourists. But in my opinion, tourists act shallow when going to another place. When people go away on vacation they act far differently then when they live at home, they dont care how other people perceive them, and just dont care how they act.

Another fairly weird aspect of tourism is that when people go on vacation their main reason always is “I want to experience a new culture“. This is of course good, experiencing new cultures will broaden you horizon and worldview and could in no way be negative. This however contradicts completely with how they act abroad, and what they do. Do they really think that you can experience the Italian culture when you go to the vatican, look at some churches, go to Madame Tussaud and eat some pizza and spaghetti, and lets us not forget, take loads of pictures!

But is that really the best way to experience the culture of another country or people? In my opinion, it isn’t. To experience the local culture, feeling and oings you need to contact locals, and do things that the actual locals do. Do not go to the biggest nightclub, bookstore, chruch, museum or park. But go to a local pub, a small non-chain bookstore and a smaller and lesser known park. I would bet that you’ll experience a lot more of the local experience then partying in the biggest and most expensive nightclub around.

This does not you dont have to visit the biggest cathedrals, nightclubs, fortresses and statues, they are, of course, a part of the local and possibly national history and cuture. I am however saying that there is a huge part of a culture that is NOT included and / or experienced with the visits to the typical tourist attractions.

I however advice people to visit and experience other cultures in every single possible way. This will for certain broaden your personal horizon and experience, do it however correctly, visit local attraction instead of the incredible mainstream thing. Good luck with all you readers vacations, trips and cultural expiences both in national and international.


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