The Future of Reading

Reading is a major hobby of mine, and so I’m fairly serious about this topic, the topic being the ongoing transaction of printed books towards eBooks. This, in my opinion has some severe negative aspects, but also some incredible positive sides.



The positive sides are of course, or at least one of them, are the environmental issues with the use of paper, and since the use of paper isn’t needed when using eBooks, the positive side is easily spotted. Other positive sides are the access, which is easy, for both the sale and the reading itself, since all your books are accessed on the same machine, whether on a laptop or e-reader. Another major positive side of the transaction to eBooks are prices, books are expensive, and eBooks aren’t, this is a big deal, especially for me, since I am a student.

There are however some negative sides to the use of eBooks. My main issue is that the eBook together with an e-reader can never beat a real book, the turning of pages, the smell of it and more. Another aspect is the fact that reading eBooks on a laptop or tablet is seriously harmfull to your eyes, this problem doesn’t ecxist when you read on an e-reader, but not everybody owns one of those.

The future will tell how the battle between the two formats will end.


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