Second-Hand Stores

Second hand stores, while hated by thousands and if not millions of people, are also loved by the same amount of people, But why are they hated as much, and why not used by everybody?

When you mention second-hand stores, people react very differently. Some will loathe used products, and others will love them. I however, have no cue whatsoever why anybody can hate a concept that is so ingenious. Used stores aren’t limited to clothing, but second-hand stores a contain every product thinkable of, from books, to furniture, and shoes to electronics. 

But some people seem to have a skeptical view on the concept. They cannot own, wear or use a product that has already been used by a different individual, this seems weird since the same people have no problem buying, owning and driving a used car or bicycle, but when it comes to clothing, shoes or accessories they won’t touch it.



This factor in a shame, since second-hand stores are, in my opinion, fantastic, especially when you can find true treasure in old stores, used book stores and more.

Have a more open mind towards second-hand store, they are truely amazing.


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