The consumer society of the western world today is build upon the idea of marketing and advertisement of several products. These two aspects of daily life can make normal people like you and me buy products and goods we did not even know we needed in the first place. to quote a famous line from the movie Fight Club, which suites this topic like a glove.

“Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need.”

This certainly sums it up in my own opinion. Nowadays, in the world of advertisement in our daily lives, we get forced to buy products we did not even know we needed. Did you really know that you needed that new iPad, new mobile phone, new IKEA table when your old one functioned just fine and did you really needed the 7500,- wedding ring, when a ring only needs to have a ceremonial and emotional value?

You see the pattern? Why can’t you just buy quality goods that will not break after a set amount of time of use?

It’s not only that, but it also is the fact that people don’t have a clue about what or even why they are buying so many unneeded products. Nobody thinks about the fact that they need a new computer every few years, a new phone every two years and a new washing machine every five years, people just do not care! But if you think about the fact that a computer is produced with both normal specs and good specs, than why, if you think good on it, aren’t all computers produced with the very best specs available on the market on the time of production, instead of having the cheapest, or so that people can choose.


So the problem does not solely lie in the ballpark of consumers, the productions and manufacturing companies have most of the blame for this unseen phenomenon. The fact is that companies don’t want to make sustainable products. they want to make products that have to be replaced after the set amount of time it takes for the said products take to break down. If that we be the case, companies would not earn anything, because the product will not break! it’s logical really.

So, think when you want to buy something new, do not buy into advertisement and actually buy what you need, and not what you want. They are two different things.


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