Mickey Mouse degrees

A mickey mouse degree is a degree which ahs no real value in the society of the world today. This can be studies like philosophy, football manager and more, these studies are of no use to modern society at all. 

The studies however, are become more common, especially in The United Kingdom. This is a major negative impact in the quality of education today, and eduacational boards should try to put and immediate stop to this.


Patent War

Most  people that are updated on the daily world business know about the patent wars betweem the electronics giants, if not, you’ve been living under a rock. 

The whole conecpt of patents are in my opinion, twisted. While I personally am an avid Samsung supporter, the whole issue with patents are wrong. The basis of the problem is that patents shouldn’t even exists in the first place, simply because patents put a hold on technlogical advances. This is so because the best ways of doing something are patented by different companies, which means that best possible product cannot be created by a single company.

The best way to solve this would be, in my own opinion, to make resticting the use of patents illegal. So that everybody can use all patents but, by paying a single tribute to the owner and inventor.

Welfare State

A welfare state is a country where citizens have a certain level security, and where the government plays a role in the protection and promotion of economic and social equality and well-being. The welfare state, according to some, has some major negative side-effects, while we all can agree on the fact that are positive sides, like security, wealth and free education and healthcare.

A lot of people argue that the welfare system has created an entire generation of people with a lazy and laid-back attitude towards work, they have the security net that is the welfare system. People grow more dependent on the state and the government as a whole and this restricts them in finding actual work, because they simple do not see the need too this.

I am not saying that welfare is a bad or in generally negative thing, but it needs to be incredibly watched and controlled so it won’t be abused by a citizen which has the possibility to work and the only reason for not working is not wanting too.

Second-Hand Stores

Second hand stores, while hated by thousands and if not millions of people, are also loved by the same amount of people, But why are they hated as much, and why not used by everybody?

When you mention second-hand stores, people react very differently. Some will loathe used products, and others will love them. I however, have no cue whatsoever why anybody can hate a concept that is so ingenious. Used stores aren’t limited to clothing, but second-hand stores a contain every product thinkable of, from books, to furniture, and shoes to electronics. 

But some people seem to have a skeptical view on the concept. They cannot own, wear or use a product that has already been used by a different individual, this seems weird since the same people have no problem buying, owning and driving a used car or bicycle, but when it comes to clothing, shoes or accessories they won’t touch it.



This factor in a shame, since second-hand stores are, in my opinion, fantastic, especially when you can find true treasure in old stores, used book stores and more.

Have a more open mind towards second-hand store, they are truely amazing.

The Future of Reading

Reading is a major hobby of mine, and so I’m fairly serious about this topic, the topic being the ongoing transaction of printed books towards eBooks. This, in my opinion has some severe negative aspects, but also some incredible positive sides.



The positive sides are of course, or at least one of them, are the environmental issues with the use of paper, and since the use of paper isn’t needed when using eBooks, the positive side is easily spotted. Other positive sides are the access, which is easy, for both the sale and the reading itself, since all your books are accessed on the same machine, whether on a laptop or e-reader. Another major positive side of the transaction to eBooks are prices, books are expensive, and eBooks aren’t, this is a big deal, especially for me, since I am a student.

There are however some negative sides to the use of eBooks. My main issue is that the eBook together with an e-reader can never beat a real book, the turning of pages, the smell of it and more. Another aspect is the fact that reading eBooks on a laptop or tablet is seriously harmfull to your eyes, this problem doesn’t ecxist when you read on an e-reader, but not everybody owns one of those.

The future will tell how the battle between the two formats will end.

Tourism and its perks

Tourism is a market which a huge number of aspects, and profits in every aspect are huge. I however have some severe opinions about tourist in the countries, cities or place a visit.

Tourism is a good thing, many cities, people and companies earn their living with the sale of product and services to tourists. But in my opinion, tourists act shallow when going to another place. When people go away on vacation they act far differently then when they live at home, they dont care how other people perceive them, and just dont care how they act.

Another fairly weird aspect of tourism is that when people go on vacation their main reason always is “I want to experience a new culture“. This is of course good, experiencing new cultures will broaden you horizon and worldview and could in no way be negative. This however contradicts completely with how they act abroad, and what they do. Do they really think that you can experience the Italian culture when you go to the vatican, look at some churches, go to Madame Tussaud and eat some pizza and spaghetti, and lets us not forget, take loads of pictures!

But is that really the best way to experience the culture of another country or people? In my opinion, it isn’t. To experience the local culture, feeling and oings you need to contact locals, and do things that the actual locals do. Do not go to the biggest nightclub, bookstore, chruch, museum or park. But go to a local pub, a small non-chain bookstore and a smaller and lesser known park. I would bet that you’ll experience a lot more of the local experience then partying in the biggest and most expensive nightclub around.

This does not you dont have to visit the biggest cathedrals, nightclubs, fortresses and statues, they are, of course, a part of the local and possibly national history and cuture. I am however saying that there is a huge part of a culture that is NOT included and / or experienced with the visits to the typical tourist attractions.

I however advice people to visit and experience other cultures in every single possible way. This will for certain broaden your personal horizon and experience, do it however correctly, visit local attraction instead of the incredible mainstream thing. Good luck with all you readers vacations, trips and cultural expiences both in national and international.

Real Advertisement


This is the real message of advertisement. WHile the message send is a lot more abvious, the externa message given is basicly the same as the information given on advertisement videos, slogans and more today.

In my opinion, this is and extremely usefull example of the real message of advertisement.


Facebook is the one thing the entire world (at least the western world) has in common. Everybody owns a Facebook account, and spends a lot of time there. whether this is a good thing or a thing that has negative aspects is for you to decide. I however, think that the use of Facebook is expanding rapidly, too rapidly.


750 million different people have an account, an that means this is a huge opportunity for advertisement, and companies know this. This connects to the post about advertisement in general (https://boolij.wordpress.com/2012/11/19/advertisement/), but when people access Facebook for several hours at a time, the revenue that surrounds the advertisement on the social media is tremendous.

Social Media however, is an addiction, or better said, can be an addiction. People are online for hours at the time, myself, sadly, not a exception, and the uses and possibilities for the exploitation are large, maybe even to large.


The world of smarthphones is a rapiud developing industry with huge potential and porfits. the companies are in constant lawsuits about patents, production rights and release rights, just to get a bigger share of the pie that is the smartphone industry.

But how do consumers, like you and me, handle the smartphone phenomenon? We all own one, and we all use one, but do we really have to?

the fact is that people use smartphone often, and in my humble opinion, too often. Consumers use phones to interact with others, which, in itself, is not a bad thing, but when it interveines with normal communication, the problem is easily spotted. People who are sitting together and on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and what not, is not healthy.

Peope are getting lazy, they cannot go down the street without a piece of technology in their pocket. This is said, because human interaction is supposed to be a part of human society.


Albert EInstein quoted on the issues of technology taking over our communication that is used on a daily basis.

“I fear the day when technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”

Even Einstein realized the fact that the comming generation would be in trouble when smartphones, or technology as a whole, would be in trouble.

WHile I say this, I am not against the smarthone evolution at all, smartphones are incredible usefull and helpfull devices and should in no way be overlooked. The only thing about the use of smartphones is the fact that the devices are extremely overusd, especially by younger generation.


The consumer society of the western world today is build upon the idea of marketing and advertisement of several products. These two aspects of daily life can make normal people like you and me buy products and goods we did not even know we needed in the first place. to quote a famous line from the movie Fight Club, which suites this topic like a glove.

“Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need.”

This certainly sums it up in my own opinion. Nowadays, in the world of advertisement in our daily lives, we get forced to buy products we did not even know we needed. Did you really know that you needed that new iPad, new mobile phone, new IKEA table when your old one functioned just fine and did you really needed the 7500,- wedding ring, when a ring only needs to have a ceremonial and emotional value?

You see the pattern? Why can’t you just buy quality goods that will not break after a set amount of time of use?

It’s not only that, but it also is the fact that people don’t have a clue about what or even why they are buying so many unneeded products. Nobody thinks about the fact that they need a new computer every few years, a new phone every two years and a new washing machine every five years, people just do not care! But if you think about the fact that a computer is produced with both normal specs and good specs, than why, if you think good on it, aren’t all computers produced with the very best specs available on the market on the time of production, instead of having the cheapest, or so that people can choose.


So the problem does not solely lie in the ballpark of consumers, the productions and manufacturing companies have most of the blame for this unseen phenomenon. The fact is that companies don’t want to make sustainable products. they want to make products that have to be replaced after the set amount of time it takes for the said products take to break down. If that we be the case, companies would not earn anything, because the product will not break! it’s logical really.

So, think when you want to buy something new, do not buy into advertisement and actually buy what you need, and not what you want. They are two different things.